Palm Desert, California

Palm Desert is in Riverside County, California in the Coachella Valley just east of Palm Springs. It has around 40,000 people and is a nicer area within the Coachella Valley. IT has grown like a wildfire since the 90’s and is typically a great place for snowbirds with many new residents coming down from Canada during the winters. The city has also grown from within California as many people have become full timers who have come for affordable but high value home prices. Because the city is based on tourism many jobs are seasonal and only keep people on for 8 months a year which leaves employees on unemployment for four months a year. During the 1990’s Palm Desert had become a focus of the business community and added many shopping districts. El Paseo drive is often compared to the Rodeo Drive of Beverly hills boasting many fine end shopping. The median income in Palm Desert is higher than the rest of the Coachella valley.

Since bankruptcy is based on the median income more people who have to file bankruptcy in the Palm Desert area will likely be put in to a chapter 13 plan where a portion of the debt will be repaid. If your home mortgage is really high and/or you have health problems that are leaving you with little disposable monthly income then you need to talk with an experienced bankruptcy attorney who can try to put you into a chapter 7. I have handled many above median income cases where I have “crammed” them into a chapter 7 based on health care expenses or high mortgage payments. Palm Desert is a beautiful place to live but if you are struggling to pay your bills then bankruptcy might be the best way to get back on your feet and begin to save money and living the life that you intended to live when you moved to the Coachella valley.

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