Palm Desert, California

Palm Desert is in Riverside County, California in the Coachella Valley just east of Palm Springs. It has around 53,000 people and is a nicer area within the Coachella Valley. It has grown like wildfire since the 90’s and is typically a great place for snowbirds with many new residents coming down from the Northern US states and Canada during the winters. The city has also grown from within California as many people have become full timers who have come for affordable but high value home prices. Because the city is based on tourism, many jobs are seasonal and only keep people on for 8 months a year which leaves employees on unemployment for four months a year. During the 1990’s Palm Desert had become a focus of the business community and added many shopping districts. El Paseo drive is often called the Rodeo Drive of the Desert similar to the likes of Beverly hills. The renowned shopping district boasts upscale boutique galleries and cultural events. Palm Desert is also known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, with numerous events drawing art lovers and just lovers. The Coachella Valley hosts an annual art exhibition called Desert X. This non-profit charitable organization boasts public exhibits of art installations that are meaningful to the desert environment, indigenous communities while promoting cultural exchange and education programs. It is a great organization doing great things for our community and we fully support their cause. The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is a unique Zoo and botanical garden that focuses on the plants and animals of the desert environment. The Palm Desert Aquatic Center is a state-of-the-art facility that offers a variety of water-related activities, including swimming pools, water slides, and a lazy river. It is a popular spot for families and individuals looking to cool off in the desert heat.

Another very popular activity that brings in thousands of tourists a year from the Los Angeles area or even local areas like Riverside or Palm Springs is of course golf. Lush green golf courses catering to a wealthier crowd can be spotted across Palm Desert. The Bob Hope Chrysler Classic which is a professional golf tournament is held annually in Palm Springs and it attracts some of the top players.

Passing the Means Test in Palm Desert

When considering if you can pass the means test in any area, it is important to know the median cost of living standards and what the IRS will allow you to declare as your living expenses. The means test will determine whether your household income is less than the median and in that calculation you are allowed certain expenses from the IRS which vary on your location. If you have more people living with you in addition to living in an expensive area, it will certainly affect your eligibility to file for a 4 month long Chapter 7 Bankruptcy as opposed to being forced into the longer term Chapter 13 Bankruptcy which can last up to 5 years.

The median income in Palm Desert is higher than the rest of the Coachella valley. Since bankruptcy is based on the median income, more people who have to file bankruptcy in the Palm Desert area will likely be put into a chapter 13 plan where a portion of the debt will be repaid. If your home mortgage is really high and/or you have health problems that are leaving you with little disposable monthly income then you need to talk with an experienced bankruptcy attorney who can try to put you into a chapter 7. I have handled many above median income cases where I have “crammed” them into a chapter 7 based on health care expenses or high mortgage payments. Palm Desert is a beautiful place to live but if you are struggling to pay your bills then bankruptcy might be the best way to get back on your feet and begin to save money and live the life that you intended to live when you moved to the Coachella valley.

Foreclosure in Palm Desert

If you are facing imminent foreclosure on your home in Palm Desert or throughout the Coachella Valley our firm can move quickly to meet with you and decide if filing for bankruptcy is right for you at the moment. Once you decide to file for bankruptcy we can get an automatic stay on your home the moment we file. This will stop the foreclosure and with our experience we will be able to come up with a plan for you to keep your home as we have a lot of experience filing bankruptcies in the Riverside Federal Court for almost 20 years. The automatic stay will mean that creditors or the bank cannot take your assets until the bankruptcy has time for its first hearing. The only time it becomes difficult for you to keep your home is if you are extremely behind on Arrears by more than a few months.

Wage Garnishment in Palm Desert

If you are living and working in Palm desert and you have received a letter from your employer stating that you will be affected by wage garnishment, please feel free to contact us to discuss it. Wage garnishment is when creditors that you owe money to are able to directly go into your personal bank account and take out a portion (up to 25%) of your wages without your consent or ability to stop them. If this is affecting you, we take this very seriously and we can help you to file bankruptcy. Once your bankruptcy petition is filed, the wage garnishment will stop and you can find a path to financial recovery.

We conveniently have an office in Palm Desert which is only about 14 miles from Palm Springs and this is the location where we recommend meeting us for a free consultation. Our law firm has been filing bankruptcies in the Federal Riverside Court for over 18 years with thousands of cases executed. Each week, I travel between our San Clemente office to our Palm Desert office and I pass through Riverside, Moreno Valley, Palm Springs and Cathedral City.

Palm Desert
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Client Reviews
I highly recommend Christopher Hewitt. Chris was doing pretty good job on my case with full support from processing, scheduling and other questions. We are in desperate situation facing foreclosure and credit card debt at that time, he saved us. He has my highest recommendation with regard to his expertise. Rizal H K
We found the law office of Christopher Hewitt to be a pleasant relationship in our legal situation. The law office was always responsive and always treated my questions as important and answered very quickly. The law office always advised me and I got great advise on our situation. I would highly recommend this law office for your legal dilemma. John H
Ibegan a business relationship with the Law Office of Christopher Hewitt and dealt with Mr. Hewitt directly. I utilized his service in debt management and because of him i am debt free within 6 months!!! I cannot thank him enough for all the hard work he did and how effective he was with all my creditors. I definitely could not have been this successful with eradicating my debt if i had not employed Mr. Hewitt's services. I strongly recommend him and his Law Office to anyone looking for legal help. Thank you so much!!! Debra B.
The Law Office of Chris Hewitt was great at handling my debt settlement. I was able to speak directly with the attorney multiple times and he always knew what was going on with my accounts and gave me clear advise. I did not feel like he made any false promises and was very realistic about what the outcomes would be. At the end of the year I was able to pay off all my credit cards at less than 40% of what I owed at the time I hired him. I would highly recommend Chris Hewitt for any one who has debt issues and does not want to file for bankruptcy. Karen H.
Basically, if I could describe my experience with Chris Hewitt in three words they would be, professional, straight-forward, and helpful. Going into filing chapter 7 bankruptcy, I had no clue where to begin. Chris took me where I was at and guided me along a process that proved to be clearing financially and emotionally. Plus, I am quite certain nobody could have done it for a better price. I would recommend his service to anybody. Thank you. Dylan H.