Indio, California

I practice bankruptcy law in Indio California with an office in Palm Springs located very close by. Indio is in Riverside County in California and has a population of around 50,000 people. The median home price in Indio is ???? dollars. Indio historically has had high unemployment rates throughout the 20th century where in some cases its been in the 20% and higher range. Riverside County right now has 15% unemployment so many people are turning to the bankruptcy court in order to get a fresh start and shed some of their financial burdens. The median income for a family in Indio is only 35,000 dollars which is well below the average in California which is 64,000 dollars. This allows most people to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy and not have a repayment plan on their debts. Indio has a high percentage of hispanic residents as well and comes in at nearly 75%. I am a spanish speaking attorney and have spend close to 1 year living in Central and South America so if you need to discuss any bankruptcy issues in Spanish I can accomadate that as well.

The drop of prices in the Indio area has put a lot of strain on families and affected peoples ability to get credit. Bankruptcy can put you on a path to restore your credit and can often be helpful since your debt to income ratio is going to change for the better. Creditors also know that you cannot file bankruptcy for another 8 years so are likely to give you credit again since if you don’t pay they are able to sue you in court and get a wage garnishment and will not be able to get relief from the bankruptcy courts.

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