Desert Hot Springs, California

Desert Hot Springs Bankruptcy is not only for individuals. In fact Desert Hot Springs is only the second city to ever file bankruptcy as a municipality. The city was found guilty of a discrimination law suit and had to pay 3 million in damages. The city was able to come out of bankruptcy by securing bonds. Bankruptcy can be a way to fight a law suit, stop a wage garnishment, save a home or for the city of Desert Hot Springs, figure out a way to pay a 3 million dollar judgment.

Bankruptcy in Riverside county are very common with a jobless rate ate 14% and housing prices down. Desert Hot Springs median income for households is around 26k when the median income in the state is 48k. This helps people automatically qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy with the right to wipe out your debt and keep your property. Many people don’t realize that you can keep your car and your house in bankruptcy and lose your unsecured debts.

The Law office of Christopher Hewitt serves Riverside County clients and has a close office location to meet people who live in Desert Hot Springs.

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