Wage Garnishment

Bankruptcy can stop your wage garnishment.

If you recently received a letter from your employer that your wages are going to be garished, you should really consider filing bankuptcy immediately. In California creditors can take 25% of your wages per pay check until the entire debt plus attorneys fees and interest is paid off. Even if you are a high income earner and don’t qualify for a chapter 7(48k for a single person) then doing a chapter 13 could potentially lower the % that you pay back considerably.

At the Law office of Christopher Hewitt we take wage garnishment cases very seriously and file as soon as possible to stop the garnishment and potentially seek payment on garnishments that occurred in the last 90 days.

The following types of debt can be discharged and stop the garnishing of your wages.

  • Credit Card debt
  • Auto Loan Defaults
  • Medical Bills
  • Payday loans and other store fornt loans
  • Reviews