Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs is a desert city within Riverside County, California in the Coachella Valley. Its about 130 miles east of Los Angeles. The population is roughly 45,000 dollars and is a popular tourist destination for golf, swimming, tennis and hiking. Even in the summers many people from coastal parts of California will come and visit to get out of the fog. Once known as a tourist destination, in the recent years Palm Springs has attracted many year round residents. The city’s economy relies on tourism and gambling. Palm Springs has a higher median income than many of the other desert cities in the coachella valley.

The median income is around 35,000 dollars for individuals and 48,000 for families. This is below the median income in California for typical household sides so people facing financial difficulties are likely to qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy which allows them to exempt all their property typcially and discharge their unsecured debt.

For people with assets a chapter 13 bankruptcy is probably a better way to go. Palm Springs has a higher than normal population of gays which can also affect how bankruptcy works as gay marriages are not recognized under federal law even though they are under state law. That means that if you and your partner are married that you still have to file two separate petitions which could actually help, especially if one is more of a bread winner than the other. Being able to do 2 petitions allows a family of two to have an income of 96,000 dollars as opposed to the 64,000 dollars cap for a heterosexual family of two. I discount my fees for people who have to file two petitions so if you have any questions about how bankrputcy works for gay married couples I can explain all the intracasies.

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