Cathedral City, California

Cathedral City is a city in Riverside county in the Coachella valley area bordering palm springs and Rancho Mirage. The city grew 4-5 times during two decades and the estimate population is currently over 50,000 people. It was once a safe haven for bars and saloons during the prohibition era. The median income is higher than some other areas in the desert but still below the California median which allows the majority of residents to file a chapter 7 bankruptcy if that is what is in their best interest.

The city’s several golf resorts and tourism attractions provide many of the jobs for residents of Cathedral City. There is also the large Palm Springs Auto mall within Cathedral City’s limits which provides jobs. Many jobs are seasonal since they are based on tourism and I have had many clients who call in the summer as work slows down and they get overwhelmed by credit. Housing values have plummetted and I had one client recently who owed 370,000 on a house that appraised at 160,000. We were able to strip a 50,000 dollars junior lien and get a permanent modification on the first loan at 2% which will allow them to stay in their home. If you are a resident of Cathedral city and having financial issues because of work or housing, give my office a call to schedule a free consultation and see how bankruptcy or debt negotiations can help you.

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