Riverside, California

Riverside is a city in Riverside County, California which is the county seat and also holds the bankruptcy court for all people in Riverside County and San Bernardino county. It is currently the busiest bankruptcy court in the country. Riverside is the 12th most populous city in California. Riverside was first known as the birthplace of the citrus industry but has quickly developed into a big city with a current population of 316,000 people. The county has 15% unemployment. The median income for a family is 41,000 which is about 7000 below the median income for California which qualifies many people for chapter 7 bankruptcy without any presumption of abuse.

Law office of Christopher Hewitt is a compassionate law firm that focuses solely on bankruptcy and strives to help their clients in a time of need and anxiety. While being understanding to our clients needs we can also be very aggressive when necessary in dealing with creditors who are violating the FDCPA or who try to object to our clients right to bankruptcy. Our firm is dedicated to being extremely client-centric and utilizes technology to streamline bankruptcy cases in the most efficient way possible to make it cost effective to our clients.

Christopher Hewitt is a member of NACBA(National Association for Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys) as well as the BBB(Better Business Bureau and strives to support organizations that empower consumers. Mr. Hewitt’s focus on consumer issues in Bankruptcy, debt settlement, loan modifications, and FDCPA actions gives him a unique perspective on all credit related issues and allow him to give you sound advice on the best way to move forward with your current financial situation.

Directions to our office from Riverside are as follows: Take the 15 North to the 10. Go East on Highway 10 and exit the 111 towards Palm Springs. Go Left on South Farrell Drive. We are at 400 South Farrell Drive.

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