Banning, California

Banning is a city of 25,000 people in Riverside County just off Highway 10 about 30 miles west of Palm Springs. Banning borders Beaumont and has grown as the inland empire expanded during the construction boom and people seeking cheaper housing within California helped populate the city. The Cahuilla Indians were the original inhabitants of the area and had stressed realtions with the settlors over water rights. Banning has typical demographics for this area but the housing bubble has really destroyed much of the equity that people had in their homes.

Banning has a median income of around 32,000 which is about 16,000 below the average income for a single person in California. This allow many people to presumptively qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy. Close to 20% of people in banning are below the poverty line. Bankruptcy can help people in many income levels and if your home has been destroyed by the housing collapse. Whether your financial situation has been challenged by the housing market, the job market or just general overspending through credit cards, bankruptcy is a way to get back on your feet and get a fresh start.

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