California Bankruptcy Lawyer

I am a bankruptcy attorney currently residing in the Palm Springs/Palm Desert area and I serve all surrounding cities in Riverside County. I exclusively practice bankruptcy law but also do debt settlement and FDCPA cases which are all related to a debtors practice. I am also a Palm Springs bankruptcy attorney who is licensed in all of the four federal districts in California so I will take cases from anywhere in California as long as you have access to a fax or scanner. Being a bankruptcy attorney in California and focusing on the Riverside and San Bernardino Counties I have seen how deteriorating home prices have really put people in financial strain and have led many to seek bankruptcy protection. Without the access to home equity lines of credit, people who had previously managed debt well have been put in a tough predicament. Credit card companies have raised interest rates and lowered credit limits at the same time which has put a lot of my clients over the edge. Once a payment is missed default rates can jump as high as 30% which then makes their debt unmanageable. Fortunately bankruptcy can be a great way to rebuild credit and restore financial stability. A chapter 7 bankruptcy can wipe out all of your unsecured credit card debt and allow you to keep your home so long as you have less than 100,000 dollars in equity and can remain current on your payments. For clients that make too much money for chapter 7 or have arrearages on their home then Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be a great way to reorganize and pay back a portion of your creditors over 3 to 5 years. Clients who have no equity in a home or do not own a home can use 22,000 dollars above and beyond all other exemptions to protect things like cash, extra cars and motorcycles, and other nonexemptable assets.

Bankruptcy is a very misunderstood area of the law and that is why I have included so much content on my site. California has very generous bankruptcy exemptions and most people can keep all their assets while freeing themselves from unsecured credit card and medical debt. All the trustee hearings will be at the Riverside court house for clients who live in Riverside or San Bernardino County. I will attend the meeting of creditors hearing with you and you will know exactly what to expect. I have been a practicing Palm Springs bankruptcy attorney and doing debt settlement for close to 5 years and bankruptcy is a very predictable area of the law. If you have the right documents for me to examine I should be able to tell you exactly how everything will work out within our free initial consultation.

The new Bankruptcy laws that were passed in 2005 have created a lot of misinformation and people sometimes do not think they will qualify for bankruptcy. While the laws did have an intended effect on putting more people into a chapter 13 bankruptcy instead of a chapter 7, bankruptcy relief is still available to the majority of people is still a viable option. The new process has made document collection and passing a means test more burdensome so now more than ever you need an experienced Palm Springs bankruptcy lawyer to help you navigate through the process.

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