Moreno Valley, California

Moreno Valley is one of the biggest cities in Riverside County has gone through many booms and busts in getting there. The population is close to 200,000 people and neighbors the  town of Riverside.  The rapid growth in the 1980’s led to a serious slowdown with the recession in the early 90’s which then saw another period of growth from all the people who were pushed out of the housing market in LA and Orange County. Companies like U-Haul, Lowes and Aurora Modular brought some industry to the city although Aurora later filed for bankruptcy.  

I service bankruptcy clients in the Moreno Valley area and can meet at an office in Moreno Valley anytime after I have my court hearings in Riverside. My main office is in Palm Desert but I have to make the drive to the city of Riverside for my cases a few times a week and am happy to meet clients while doing so. If you are in a financial situation that could be made better without your unsecured debt, or if you house is upside down and you are looking to remove a lien, or facing foreclosure, call a Riverside county Bankruptcy attorney to find out the best options.

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