Corona, California

Corona is a city in Riverside county with a population of around 140,000 people. Once the lemon capital of the world, Corona is now home to a diverse economy an beautifully situated at the upper end of Santa Ana River. The median income in Corona is much higher then the average income in California and extremely high for Riverside County.  The median income is around 98,000 for a household in Corona. In California its typically around 62,000 for a family. This is important in bankruptcy as the median income determines partially whether you should be in a chapter 13 or a Chapter 7. If you are above the median income then its presumed you should have money to pay back your creditors in a chapter 13 if you reorganize. If you have high expenses such a s a mortgage or financed cars then you can show potentially that you have no disposable income and still be able to file a chapter 7 and wipe out your debt much faster and for nothing as opposed to a repayment plan in a chapter 13. I file many chapter 13’s in Corona where the payment to creditors is less then 10% over 3-5 years. If you are facing debt problems and live in Corona, call my office and I can set up a personal consutation by phone and then meet you in Corona even though my office is in Palm Springs.

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