Murrieta, California

Murrieta is a beautiful city in Riverside County with a population of over 100,000 people in the southwest corner of Riverside County. Its population grew rapidly and housing prices like most places in California spiked during the boom and have gone through a sprial during the great recession.I have many clients who have lost 50% or more of there equity living in Murrieta. One positive that can come out of this for bankruptcy clients is the abilty to strip a second or junior lien. When you owe more to your first lien than the current market value of the house the lien is considered unsecured and through a proper lien strip motion can be eliminated at the end of a chapter 13 bankruptcy.Riverside County is beautiful and a wonderful place to live but if your job is supporting the ability to remain current on your home then thinking about Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a solution to the current market forces in the real estate market. With a place with such a wonderful climate and opportunities, do not let an upside down house move you towards walking away from your home. Lien stipping through a chapter 13 is a much better alternative if you can make it work.

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