Relief from Stay

Relief from Stay occurs when the court lifts the court-ordered automatic Stay because either the bankruptcy case has been discharged/dismissed or the court has granted the creditor's motion for relief. Christopher Hewitt's Law Firm has been helping people with bankruptcy cases in Riverside and Orange counties for nearly 20 years. We can assist you with urgent issues like foreclosure, car repossession, or a lawsuit. Our firm is skilled in quickly filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, especially in emergencies, to provide immediate legal protection (an Automatic Stay under 11 USC 362). Christopher Hewitt is experienced in bankruptcy law, which allows him to understand your needs quickly and take quick action to solve your problems, including an emergency bankruptcy filing. If you're not eligible for bankruptcy in Riverside, San Bernadino, or Orange County, we also offer Debt Settlement services.

Motion for Relief from Stay
A Motion for Relief from the Automatic Stay is a critical tool for creditors in bankruptcy cases. When a bankruptcy judge grants this motion, it results in either the removal or modification of the automatic Stay, allowing creditors to continue their collection efforts against the debtor. This motion is particularly relevant for secured creditors who must demonstrate that their collateral, such as property or vehicles, must be adequately protected during bankruptcy. While the automatic Stay serves as a shield for debtors, offering them a respite from collections, it has its limits. Creditors can still undertake specific actions, like eviction for unpaid rent or repossession of assets for missed loan payments, highlighting Automatic Stay's protective nature and boundaries in bankruptcy scenarios.

Relief from Stay
11 USC 362(d)

The court wants to ensure that each party's property rights are protected. The debtor must have equity in the property, and the property must be necessary for the debtor to reorganize their finances. The court can lift the Stay if the creditor risks losing financial value in their secured asset (the property) in cases involving only a single real estate asset. When this case arises, the Stay will remain for a certain period as long as the debtor has a reasonable plan to reorganize their finances and the court agrees it is likely to work. The other situation where the Stay will remain is if the debtor continues to make payments to the creditor using income from the property and based on the value of the creditor's interest in the property.

Abuse of Automatic Stay
Suppose the debtor is using the automatic Stay to cheat the creditor out of their value in the property by using such methods as transferring the property without permission or filing bankruptcy multiple times for the same property. In that case, the court will see through this and lift the Stay. The decision to lift the Stay will be recognized for the next two years in any related cases when a debtor is acting in bad faith. Debtors punished under these legal decisions must ask the court to change their decision if they have a good reason or new circumstances come to light. This legal provision ensures that creditors have a recourse to protect their interests when a debtor's bankruptcy might otherwise halt their collection efforts.

Emergency Relief
11 USC 362(f)

The court makes decisions to ensure that during an Automatic Stay, it gives time for the debtor to organize their finances while retaining their assets. Suppose the asset becomes in jeopardy of irreparable damage and financial loss to any party. If there is not enough time for a notice and a hearing before the possible damage to the property or asset, the court will terminate the Stay immediately.

Burden of Proof
The party requesting the Relief from Stay has to prove the debtor has or does not have equity in the property. The opposing or other party has to prove any other issues at hand.


In summary, the 'Relief from Stay' concept in bankruptcy cases is a balancing act between creditors' rights and the debtors' protection. While the automatic Stay offers a crucial shield for those facing financial hardships, allowing them a pause from relentless collection activities, it is not absolute.

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