The Cost of Filing Bankruptcy

I charge anywhere from $1000 dollars for attorneys fees for a simple chapter 7 bankruptcy up to $2000 for a complex chapter 7 bankruptcy. The things that would make a bankruptcy more complex are whether you are self employed and I have to analzye profit and loss statements. If you have over 100k in debt and make over the median income but I can squeeze you into a chapter 7 because of hefty mortgage payments and things like that, then I usually charge more. If I have to go to court for a reaffirmation agreement on a car which isn’t always necessary but very predictable then I charge extra. Essentially if all you have is unsecured credit card debt and you don’t have a newly financed car or own a home then it will usually be $1000 dollars. If you own a home, have a car you’ve financed within 3 years then its usually 1300-1500. If you are self employed, own home, have financed cars and have a high debt amount it will most likely be closer to $2000 dollars due to the complexities that will arise out of the case and the time that it takes me to help you do effective prebankruptcy preparations.

Chapter 13 fees are determined by the trustee but are usually in the range of $3000 dollars since you will be a client for 3-5 years. I take installment payment and usually only need around $750 to get started. The rest of the payments will come from you via the trustee from your payment plan. My fees won’t make your plan any more expensive, but rather I will be receiving payments that you’d be paying your unsecured creditors.

The filing of a chapter 7 bankruptcy is $299 and a chapter 13 bankruptcy is $274.

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