How To Become A Client

If you live in California and need help with your bill problems then we should talk. There is no fee for the first consultation which is when we'll be able to decide what I can do to help your situation. After that depending on the complexity of your case I will charge a flat fee for representing you in bankruptcy. You will know the cost going into the process so there will be no surprises. My fees start as low as $1000 and go up to around $2000 at the most depending on the complexity of your case. If you have mostly unsecured credit card and medical debt and are a W2 wage earner making less than 48,000 dollars a year as an individual, 60,000 dollars a year as a husband and wife, then your case will be closer to 1200. If you are making more then the median income are self employed and I have to analzye profit and loss statements, you own a home that you are reaffirming, you have financed cars that you are reaffirming and other things that take more time in the bankruptcy court, then your fee will be between $1500 and $2000. If you have to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy because you have arrearages on you home and aret trying to avoid foreclosure, because you are way above the median income and have disposable monthly income at the end of your income and allowable expenes, or you are trying to get rid of your second mortgage because its completely unsecured under current market conditions, then your fee will be higher because a chapter 13 bankruptcy is considerably more work. Fees usually range between 2500 and 3500 for chapter 13 but can be paid over time through the bankruptcy courts distribution from the trustee. The filing fee for a chapter 7 bankruptcy is $299 and for a chapter 13 is $274.

How I work

I have an office in San Francisco, a virtual office in Palm Springs and take many clients by gathering all their information via scanner, fax, email and phone calls. We review your petition over the phone, you sign off that you understand everything in the petition and then I electronically file your case. I fly or drive to the one required hearing for a chapter 7 and represent you at the meeting of creditors. For many clients this is the first time that we meet. This is one reason that I have paid to be a member of the BBB and I advise you to read my reviews at trustlink, or For some people who are used to the more traditional ways of hiring lawyers this will not work for them. For my practice and as a bankruptcy practitioner in general I find that it works great, as there are a lot of documents involved in putting together a bankruptcy petition and you can work on your schedule and on your terms although if its imperative I might need to twist your arm a little if filing the case timely is important based on the circumstances or means test issues. I am very competent in what I do and every client that I have taken on has got the discharge they sought through the bankrputcy process. Very few of my clients have lost any of their property or had to reaffirm unsecured debts and the ones that have knew that they would before they filed. If I have the correct information from you then Bankruptcy is very predictable. In fact after our initial free consultation you should know if bankruptcy is right for you.

What you'll need

Collect your documents

  1. Most recent statements for Checkings, Savings, Money Market, Mutual Funds, Certificates of Deposits, Stocks, Bonds, Etc.
  2. Paystubs from all employers within the last 7 months
  3. Statements from all mortgage companies showing balance due and payment in full
  4. All foreclosure papers
  5. Copies of deed (title) to every home, timeshare, piece of vacant land etc
  6. Most recent bills, collection letters, student loan statements, tax bills
  7. Last 2 years of Taxes filed
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