Yucca Valley, California

Yucca Valley is an incorporated town located in San Bernardino County, California. The population is around 25,000 people and is close to twenty nine palms and north of Palm Springs. It sits between Joshua tree and the San Bernardino mountains at a higher altitude then other desert cities. The town of Yucca valley is similar to other towns in demographics but has a much lower median income then the state which allows more families and individuals to automatically qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy. The median income was 30,000 which is around 16,000 dollars lower than most of Southern California. Many young people and elder people are below the poverty line and if debt is a problem then bankruptcy could be a great way to get a fresh start.

I recently took on a bankruptcy case and drove to Yucca Valley to meet the client. The housing values have really plummeted in the area and for people who have bought recently there is a significant chance that your second mortgage is underwater and can be stripped in a chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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