Yucca Valley, California

Yucca Valley is an incorporated town located in San Bernardino County, California. The population is around 22,000 people and is close to twenty-nine Palms and north of Palm Springs. It sits between Joshua Tree and the San Bernardino mountains at a higher altitude than other desert cities.

My experience working as a San Bernardino bankruptcy attorney with clients extends to Yucca Valley, a community I've served for many years. Despite its smaller size, I am committed to assisting clients across a broad region, including Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, San Diego, and Los Angeles Counties. I maintain an approach ensuring that Yucca Valley residents and surrounding areas have access to dedicated legal services.

Our Services
  • Complimentary Consultation and Means Test Evaluation: Evaluate your bankruptcy eligibility.
  • Bankruptcy Filing Legal Advice: Assistance choosing between Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
  • Wage Garnishment Solutions: Legal support for addressing wage garnishment issues.
  • Debt Settlement and Relief Services: Explore various options for debt resolution.
  • Foreclosure Assistance: Legal guidance through the complexities of foreclosure.

History of Yucca Valley Yucca Valley, located in San Bernardino County, California, has a history deeply rooted in the Native American culture, particularly the Serrano, Cahuilla, and Chemehuevi tribes. Its modern development began in the mid-20th century, driven by the Homestead Act, which attracted veterans and others seeking affordable land. The town's growth was further bolstered by its proximity to the Joshua Tree National Park, making it a gateway for tourists and nature enthusiasts. Yucca Valley was incorporated in 1991, evolving into a community that balances its desert environment with residential and commercial growth.

Economy of Yucca Valley Yucca Valley has a high rate of poverty at over 20%. Many young people and older people are below the poverty line, and if debt is a problem, then bankruptcy could be a great way to get a fresh start. It has a lower median income than the state, which automatically allows more families and individuals to qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The per capita median income is $32,000, and the household median is $54,000. Unless you are significantly wealthier than most residents, you will easily pass the means test and qualify for Chapter 7. The median $278,000 home price is relatively low compared to the California median.

Meet Your San Bernardino Bankruptcy Attorney Yucca Valley is about a 45-minute drive from our office in Palm Desert. It is out of the way for me to travel there, although I enjoy seeing live music in that area. If you want to meet me, we can always work something out. If you visit our Palm Desert office, take CA-62W to I-10E. If you want to discuss your options over the phone, I am happy to do that whenever you contact me.

Client Reviews
I highly recommend Christopher Hewitt. Chris was doing pretty good job on my case with full support from processing, scheduling and other questions. We are in desperate situation facing foreclosure and credit card debt at that time, he saved us. He has my highest recommendation with regard to his expertise. Rizal H K
We found the law office of Christopher Hewitt to be a pleasant relationship in our legal situation. The law office was always responsive and always treated my questions as important and answered very quickly. The law office always advised me and I got great advise on our situation. I would highly recommend this law office for your legal dilemma. John H
Ibegan a business relationship with the Law Office of Christopher Hewitt and dealt with Mr. Hewitt directly. I utilized his service in debt management and because of him i am debt free within 6 months!!! I cannot thank him enough for all the hard work he did and how effective he was with all my creditors. I definitely could not have been this successful with eradicating my debt if i had not employed Mr. Hewitt's services. I strongly recommend him and his Law Office to anyone looking for legal help. Thank you so much!!! Debra B.
The Law Office of Chris Hewitt was great at handling my debt settlement. I was able to speak directly with the attorney multiple times and he always knew what was going on with my accounts and gave me clear advise. I did not feel like he made any false promises and was very realistic about what the outcomes would be. At the end of the year I was able to pay off all my credit cards at less than 40% of what I owed at the time I hired him. I would highly recommend Chris Hewitt for any one who has debt issues and does not want to file for bankruptcy. Karen H.
Basically, if I could describe my experience with Chris Hewitt in three words they would be, professional, straight-forward, and helpful. Going into filing chapter 7 bankruptcy, I had no clue where to begin. Chris took me where I was at and guided me along a process that proved to be clearing financially and emotionally. Plus, I am quite certain nobody could have done it for a better price. I would recommend his service to anybody. Thank you. Dylan H.