Struggling with Credit Card Debt?

Struggling with Credit Card Debt? Bankruptcy can help

Credit card debt is a primary reason for many of my clients to seek my services. Credit cards have become a way of life in the United States and many people fall into the trap of keeping revolving debt. Many time credit card companies give teaser rates on balance transfers or allow you to go interest fee for a year but once you keep that balance and the interest goes up to 20% or more, your financial situation can deteriorate quickly.

If you are behind on credit card debt you are probably receiving harrassing phone calls and if you are sued its likely the creditor will collect on their judgment through a wage garnishment or a lien on your real property if you still have equity. Before you get to that point talk with a Coachella Valley Bankruptcy attorney about your options. I can negotiate on your debt to pay it off at a reduced rate or file a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy which can all help you get back on your feet and move forward from your current situation. Having equity in your house won’t prevent you from getting a discharge.

In fact I had one client that owed 100k in credit card debt and had 100k in equity in their home. We protected the home through the homestead exemption and we discharged all their credit card debt through a chapter 7 bankruptcy. Good people who were trying to juggle too many things get caught up in debt just like everyone else. Before your unsecured credit card debt is turned into a secured judgment against your home or being enforced through a wage garnishment, talk to an experienced attorney to learn your options.

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